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London-based TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd in collaboration with Cerulean Infotech is pleased to announce the release of P.R.E.S.T.O., the cloud-based operational excellence business management enterprise solution offering functionality and discipline in the end-to-end management of continuous improvement activity regarding business process optimisation. For a mere 4 hours of monthly dedication, the solution offers a wide array of benefits offered to the organisational support strategy of IT, Human Resources, Risk & Compliance and Business Operations, through its business algorithm which installs a sense of ownership, sense of urgency, and a sense of purpose at all levels of the organisation ensuring that opportunities from best practice awareness and cross-departmental collaboration are made top priority.


Furthermore, as a performance management solution, business leaders have deep visibility into the operational challenges regarding knowledge gaps & process wastes impeding forward progress allowing for the acceleration of tactical decision making while facilitating a crisper articulation of the top-down corporate strategy into measurable business objectives at the subject matter expert level. In doing so, the organisation will enjoy a steady ongoing flow of business opportunity identification, cost-benefits analysis, and constant solution implementation at all levels of the organisational hierarchy allowing for successes to be celebrated and communicated in real time along with individual performance evaluation giving managers the opportunity to do away with the less-than-effective annual performance evaluation.

What led to the making of PRESTO?

P.R.E.S.T.O.'s original prototype was first launched as a stand-alone tool by a group of Italian business professionals in collaboration with a local university within a large US-based multinational financial organisation who had acquired the complete back-office depository bank servicing arm of an Italian industry leader providing services in mass volumes to Italian institutional and private portfolio managers and investors. The opportunity to build PRESTO presented itself during the restructuring phase of the two organisations when the vast differences between their managerial cultures, operational know-how, language barriers and their business operating models indicated a strong need to utilise Lean methodologies to measure and benchmark business processes, standardise best practices and its terminology, become more transparent and communicate change more effectively.

During the course of the testing in Italy, in addition to the overwhelmingly positive feedback coming from the operations senior management team, P.R.E.S.T.O. was also highly praised by senior level personnel in Human Resources, Training, Risk & Compliance, IT, as well as Operational Excellence supporting teams who profited from the Risk & Control Self-Assessment module when assembling a SWOT team to provide an urgently requested remediation plan to put at ease a weary client who had recently experienced a large financial loss due to a set of weak operational controls. Upon completion of the pilot, P.R.E.S.T.O. was quoted by the local director of Human Resources to be an instrument offering ample 'operational playing space' and visibility to business operations support teams (e.g. Human Resources, Risk, etc.) stating further that P.R.E.S.T.O. is a revolutionised 'way-ahead' into the management of the technical, professional, and leadership growth strategy of the organisation while guaranteeing enriched precision and clarity in the bottom-up assignment, communication, and performance measurement of the core business objectives prioritised by the Senior Team.

Some of the features

  • Value stream mapping & SIPOC
  • Critical to quality (CTQ) voice of the customer assessment
  • KPI monitoring and effectiveness analysis
  • Operational readiness (support documentation management & history tracking)
  • RCSA Risk & controls self-assessment
  • EASI (eliminate, automate, standardise, improve) cost-benefits analytics
  • Issue tracking and resolution cost/benefit impact analysis
  • Audit scheduler / tracker
  • ISO 9001e certification tracking & reporting
  • Lean Six Sigma waste identification & impact analysis
  • 5-Why root cause analysis
  • Client cost of doing business (per client) special service manager
  • IT bug & enhancement cost benefit analysis
  • Process & cycle time measurement & benchmarking
  • Real time performance measurement & tracking
  • Lean Six Sigma skills matrix
  • Talent differentiators skill assessment
  • RACI sense-of-ownership reporting
  • Learning & development training manager & personal skill inventory
  • Merit badge 'gamification-style' awards to celebrate success in real time
  • Continuous improvement initiative lifecycle tracking & managerial reporting
  • Sense of urgency lean six sigma / Kaizen business algorithm
  • Low hanging fruit elimination accelerator
  • Easy-to-use IT functional touch point model mapping
  • Super filter capabilities
  • Best practice awareness news feed
  • Current to target state implementation Kanban project management board
  • RACI roles and responsibilities sense-of-ownership reporting


What distinguishes PRESTO from the other continuous improvement applications available in the market is the way in which it marries the management of the organisation's business operating model including its IT support strategy and its business processes to the individual growth plans of the organisation's most valuable resource: its staff. Since its launch, PRESTO has proven to be an optimal cloud-based business solution in the identification, analysis, and implementation of the process improvement opportunities available while offering a real-time communication means to celebrate success, capture lessons learned, and promote an ongoing best practice culture which pro actively eliminates waste and maximises individual performance.

PRESTO Operational Excellence

Automate, foster loyalty, and reduce waste

What is PRESTO?
For your CHRO

PRESTO is a performance-oriented, talent enrichment tool offering 360° visibility into the skill sets available to implement business opportunities and eliminate the knowledge gaps present which impede ongoing progress

For your COO

PRESTO is a Lean Six Sigma process improvement tool offering operational readiness and resiliency by ensuring the discipline of constant risk and waste reduction at the micro process level and offering 360° cost/benefit visibility into the portfolio of process improvements available within the organisation

For your CIO

PRESTO is an IT management tool offering 360° visibility into the IT applications used by the organisation and the costs and benefits associated with bug resolution, implementing enhancements, decommissioning & consolidating best-of-breed tools, and the design & implementation of new application solutions into daily business operations

For your CEO

PRESTO is an organisational restructuring tool giving business leaders 360° visibility into the company’s growth strategy and its future challenges resulting from the daily friction present in the current state operating model and the best practices available to minimise variance and maximise efficiency

For your CRO

PRESTO is an operational risk management tool articulating and aligning with greater accuracy the corporate risk management strategy to the individual business processes supporting the customer value chain

For your CFO

PRESTO is an opportunity to reduce IT-related spending by investing in cloud computing to do things as efficient as possible so the business can do what the business needs to do: return shareholder equity

What you get back (the benefits)

For only a 4-hour monthly commitment, PRESTO will offer your organisation the following benefits:


  • Less meetings
  • More inter-departmental collaboration & reduction of inter-departmental communication inefficiencies
  • Increased resiliency and flexibility during peak periods of demand
  • Increased sense of corporate citizenship, awareness & ‘celebrate success’ culture
  • Increased inter-departmental strategy-oriented collaboration at the Senior / Executive level
  • Increased operational awareness, transparency and ‘playing space’ for Human Resources, Corporate Risk & Compliance, IT, and operational excellence support teams
  • Streamlined and better-defined service level agreements
  • Coaching-induced work environment
  • Kanban project management

  • Increased performance measurability in real time
  • Feedback-oriented coaching
  • Increased sense of ownership
  • Accelerated & enriched personal growth plan aimed at reducing knowledge gaps
  • Increased awareness to required leadership and professional skills (soft skills)
  • Enriched portfolio of technical skills acquired
  • Enriched portfolio of problem solving skills acquired (e.g. consultancy & Lean tools)
  • Increased objectivity, clarity and efficiency during business objective setting discussions

  • 15-25% annual run rate savings from process improvement initiatives
  • Reduced operational errors
  • Stronger risk mitigation controls
  • More streamlined and efficient end-to-end workflow
  • Streamlined & more efficient KPIs
  • Increased accuracy in benchmarking activity
  • Wide corporate visibility into best practice process re-engineering opportunities
  • Increased sense of urgency in waste reduction activities

  • Holistic view of outstanding technological limitations (e.g. BUG, etc.) and their impact on the business value chain
  • Effective cycle time-driven cost / benefit analysis on the entire portfolio of technological enhancement opportunities
  • Wide corporate visibility into opportunities resulting from best-of-breed tool consolidation

Increased Transparency

  • Ideas for improvement
  • Business processes
  • Wastes & risks
  • IT application usage
  • Skill sets & talent
  • Corporate landscape & growth strategy
Increased sense
of ownership
Increased sense
of urgency
Increase sense
of purpose

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