We are offering big long-term discounts in 2017 to organisations who are serious about embracing change and want to partner with us to install operational excellence

Assign ownership & identify waste
All the essentials you need to identify where waste opportunities exist and ensure your operational support documentation arhive is kept in order. Engage your team to align business process responsibilities to their respective owners while performing initial cost benefits analysis on the business opportunities available

TOPP TI Support
  • 4 hours of remote monthly operational excellence consultation with a TOPP TI Lean Six Sigma black belt

Navigation capabilities
  • Basic search capabilities

  • Operational readiness

  • Hand-off related waste mgmt (SIPOC)

  • Kanban project management

  • Best practice interactive corporate newsfeed

  • Idea suggestion box

  • IT bug, enhancement, & development manager

  • Support documentation archive management & historical tracking

  • Opportunity cost/benefits analysis

  • RACI matrix reporting

  • Client demand heat map

Recommended for banks
Cross-train, reduce risk & benchmark results
Optimise your KPI management strategy & understand how operational wastes are impacting each. Increase resiliency by ensuring that all key process elements are readily available for your successor. Capture performance-related observations in day-to-day operations to enrich the growth plans of your staff to maximise performance

Standard plus...

TOPP TI Support
  • 10 hours of remote monthly consultation with a TOPP TI business consultant

Navigation capabilities
  • Advanced search capabilities

  • KPI basic reporting

  • FTE workload profile & RACI

  • Heat map integrated calendar & reminder scheduling

  • Checklist & control management

  • Process cycle time & benchmark manager notebook

  • Skills 4-steps to excellence growth manager

  • Value stream mapping

  • Project charter & governance

  • Audit planning & certification tracker

  • Training planning & certification tracker

  • HR role & responsibility manager for job profiling

  • 3-level risk & compliance assessment

  • Mobile device newsfeed access

Install sense of urgency, purpose & best practice awareness
Eliminate silo-specific knowledge gaps and install a corporate-wide best practice culture together with a constant discipline to accelerate decision making and the autonomous elimination of ‘low hanging fruits’. Efficiently engage senior management and transform your project team into an elite force of change managers

Pro plus...

  • Go-to-Gemba mobile device functionality

  • Project manager super reporting (Gantt chart, cost-benefits analysis & much more)

  • Talent differentiators analytics & super reporting for leadership, professional, technical and soft skills

  • Client special service & cross selling opportunity manager

  • KPI complete reporting

  • Issue management advanced reporting

  • Skill assessment two-way evaluation panel

  • Refer a colleague award screen

Added Discipline
The PRESTO Kaizen algorithm
  • PRESTO sense-of-urgency discipline

  • Best practice hypothesis generator

  • SME cross-departmental knowledge sharing & awareness

Customised bundles

KPI EASY: Complete KPI functionality & reporting plus waste identification, operational readiness & best practice interactive corporate newsfeed.

KPI Advanced: KPI EASY plus complete project management functionality (kanban) & idea suggestion box.

ISO EASY: Operational readiness, waste identification, support documentation archive, KPI manager, audit planning & certification, training planning & certification.

ISO Advanced: ISO EASY plus 3-level risk & compliance assessment.

OPEX EASY: ISO EASY plus RACI & skills 4-steps to excellence growth manager.

OPEX Advanced: ISO Advanced plus RACI, skills 4-steps to excellence growth manager & 2-way evaluation panel.

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