You will never view CHANGE MANAGEMENT the same way again
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), 28 March, 17:30

In our most recent alliance with Swiss-based managerial consulting firm value4b, we had the pleasure to spend an afternoon at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), one of the nine professional universities recognised by the Swiss Confederation. Our partner and value4b owner Maurilio Savoldi was the architect of the event responsible for what turned out to be a large audience of business leaders and technology gurus who attended with great enthusiasm and curiosity with the hopes to learn about new trends in the technology available to support digital transformation, continuous improvement and change management.

Our Managing Director Andrew Lenti partnered with Savoldi to present our newest spin-off product aimed at offering project managers a fresh perspective on managing change digitally. PRESTO Change Management, the set of project management tools included in the PRESTO Digital Transformation suite was presented to a numerous group of business leaders working in the Lugano and Milan area who are enrolled in the university's evening MBA program.

The afternoon was dedicated not only to product awareness but also to awareness on key Lean principles that are becoming more and more used in day-to-day business management and are a fundamental part of Savoldi's managerial strategy. Having graduated as an Engineer from Turin Polytechnic University and recently having founded value4b in North Lugano Switzerland, Savoldi has since made a name for himself in Italy and Switzerland as a seasoned business management and process optimisation consultant as well as a University instructor promoting process management solutions such as PNMsoft, QPR, and now our staple product PRESTO Digital Transformation. We are delighted to have Maurilio on our team especially in this period where there has been a strong global interest from Universities teaching business to partner with us in promoting our products to their students and to the local businesses which they support.

    Maurilio Savoldi

PRESTO Digital Transformation @ SUPSI 28 March 2018

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