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Protection Unit of Belgium chooses PRESTO Digital Enterprise for digital strategy deployment

Published on 18 January 2020

We are delighted to announce that since September of 2019 we have been involved in a successful collaboration with Protection Unit, Belgium’s 3rd largest provider of security services.

The collaboration began last summer when PwC of Brussels contacted us to request assistance in providing Protection Unit, their client, strategy governance support to assist with their merger with Fact Group, their former competitor.

As a long-time partner of our Global Kaizen Alliance, Luxembourg-based Michael Kunde of MK PM Consulting was offered the lead in facilitating a 3-month test pilot which commenced in Liege last October when our CEO Andrew Lenti met Protection Unit CEO Samuel Di Giovanni and CFO Nicolas De Angelis to discuss the details of the collaboration.

    Securities services specialist

    established in 2008

Having been recommended by PwC for our collaboration-based strategy deployment solution PRESTO Digital Enterprise, the test pilot took shape as the core team participants accessed the PRESTO platform to capture long-term breakthrough objectives and cascade them at the team level through PRESTO’s multi-user, collaboration-based KPI and process waste management module. Furthermore, the Senior Leadership team saw immediate value as PRESTO's robust RACI reporting functions gave key managers the top-down visibility necessary to keep organisational changes under watch while being more aligned with corporate roles and responsibilities.

Protection Unit, a Belgian company established in 2008 and specialising in the supply of security services is present in most major cities and airports throughout the country and prior to the merger was responsible for more than 1350 security agents engaged in static, mobile, event and body guarding as well as K9 surveillance, detection dogs and drone security where their fleet of over 600 drones continues to grow rapidly. Furthermore, the company has recently launched an initiative to create an in-house training academy to allow for increased control over employee retention, talent profiling, learning and development and the management of their skill bank.

    PRESTO KPI Manager

Having freshly acquired a new PRESTO client in Germany for a KPI management initiative, PRESTO Product Champion Michael Kunde throughout the course of the test pilot led a series of training workshops to teach the basic mechanics of PRESTO usage while getting buy-in from the entire management team. By offering real-time digital visibility into the company’s organisational landscape and the impacts from the restructuring changes taking place, company leaders became increasingly confident with PRESTO as their operational excellence solution and TOPP TI as their service provider.

Over the course of the test pilot a rich portfolio of additional opportunities was collected including the evaluation of using PRESTO to support learning and development and skill management initiatives.

We look forward to learning with this fantastic organisation and contributing to its success story in keeping the European community secure through innovation, dedication to staff and customers, and focus on quality.