Ring in the new year with $10,000

(for a mere 15 minutes of effort)

Help your colleagues & friends remove spreadsheets (and all the stress that comes with them)from their performance management strategy once and for all!

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Do you know someone who is having difficulty managing continuous improvement, performance, operational excellence and change management using spreadsheets? Are they spending enormous amounts of time on non-value-add administrative tasks and not enough time in problem solving and decision-making forums? Do you want to make their life easier, ensure their programs are more successful and benefit personally by receiving $10,000 cash?

All you have to do is connect us to your friend & when their company pays for a subscription for PRESTO Continuous Improvement, we will put $10,000 in your bank account. If you think your employer could benefit from PRESTO, then we'll honor the $10,000 as an introductory discount to your company.

Making an introduction is easy. We will follow these steps:

We'll call you back shortly & discuss any questions you may have about this offer. We will also confirm that this is the first referral to this company and that they are not already a PRESTO client. If you are the first person, we will then send you a simple legal agreement committing us to pay you when the company you introduce us to pays for PRESTO Continuous Improvement. All you need to do to make the introduction is send a quick email (we'll send you a simple template that you can use) connecting us to your colleague. When the company you introduced us to buys PRESTO, we'll let you know. Then simply send back the form that comes with the agreement with your payment details and voila - $10,000 will be deposited within 10 days into your bank account.

Offer open to the public!

Wishing a happy holiday season to all and prosperous 2018!