PRESTO continuous improvement is now part of the OCTOBUS Network

Posted on 19 May 2017 by Andrew Lenti, TOPP TI Managing Director

As one of our first key deals made in collaboration with our Italian product distributor and operational excellence business consultant Newconsulting Srl, we are now proud participants of the already underway 2017 Octobus Roadshow which we will join as of next Tuesday 23 May in Rome at the IBM Briefing Centre.

What is the Octobus Roadshow? The OCTOBUS road show is an ongoing technology fair taking place this summer in Italy consisting of a series of awareness events where users of the Enterprise Resource Management platform OCTOBUS will come together to share best practices and present not only to their peer group but also to the public who is invited to attend and will be looking to evaluate the many business solutions offered by the OCTOBUS Network.

With 20 years’ experience in the ICT sector, the constant commitment of the OCTOBUS Network collaborating with OCTOBUS’s manufacturer Foedus Srl, provides enterprise customers a further guarantee of robustness of the product and continuity of investment policies, both technological and evolutionary. In addition to the OCTOBUS ERP platform, Newconsulting will participate in all upcoming OCTOBUS Roadshow events acting as the promoter of PRESTO, our operational excellence cloud solution while joining several other OCTOBUS Network partners who have brought to the market complementary business solutions. The roadshow events are aimed at putting new ideas and technology in the hands of organisations looking to invest in Digital Transformation. Accompanying our continuous improvement solution PRESTO will be other software producers showcasing products in areas of 3D printing, paperless archiving, and production-related apps aimed at offering greater efficiencies in areas of manufacturing. IBM, a long-time member of the OCTOBUS Network will also be present promoting its PowerLinux hardware.

    The OCTOBUS membership network
The decision

The decision to incorporate PRESTO into the OCTOBUS Network service offering is a result of a series of meetings which have taken place over the course of the year first in Modena and ultimately finishing off in Parma where our Managing Director Andrew Lenti presented the TOPP TI value proposition to Foedus Srl President and CEO Paolo Messina at the Foedus headquarters. After a series of discussions and product demos of both OCTOBUS and PRESTO, the two agreed that there are significant synergies in the two products allowing for the OCTOBUS network to begin offering operational excellence, continuous improvement, and talent management solutions to its user community.

Furthermore, Messina stated that he believes there is a great potential for PRESTO in the market, particularly in Italy where the Industry 4.0 movement is constantly pushing medium and large size business owners to seek a fresh perspective in day-to-day problem solving and better ways to achieve operational efficiency through digital transformation. Being particularly impressed with PRESTO's problem solving capability and its unique ability to capture, retain and make readily available the know-how of subject matter experts awarded PRESTO a place at the table in the OCTOBUS Network service offering. PRESTO, initially being created by a group of Italian banking professionals in a multinational financial services firm has since expanded to cover multiple business sectors and has been customised to offer benefits to medium and small-sized organisations.

In this new venture we look forward to collaborating with our new partners in our upcoming travels taking us to roadshow events both in the north and south of Italy and wish Newconsulting best of luck as our Italy-exclusive business promoter.

For more information on OCTOBUS ERP or participating in upcoming events, please visit the OCTOBUS website at: or send an e-mail to

PRESTO on tour this summer at the OCTOBUS Roadshow

We are delighted to announce our participation in the upcoming OCTOBUS Roadshow events which are already well underway.

  • Tuesday 23 May 2017, IBM Italia Spa Briefing Center - Rome (RM)
  • Thursday 23 May 2017 - IBM Italia Spa Client Center - Segrate (MI)
  • Tuesday 6 June 2017 - Bari
  • ** stay tuned for confirmation of additional OCTOBUS Roadshow events taking place in June,July & August