Meet our new partner in Italy

Posted on 5 March 2017 by Andrew Lenti, TOPP TI Managing Director

We are pleased to announce our newest business collaboration in Italy consisting of a sales partnership with Parma-based operational excellence consulting firm Newconsulting Srl which is also partner of The Octobus Network, a network made up of certified ICT professionals on Octobus ERP, able to offer consulting services and support for any market.

Under the agreement, Andrea Benfenati, Managing Director of Newconsulting Srl will take the lead in bringing PRESTO, our continuous improvement business solution to Italian clients who seek operational excellence automation in areas of performance enhancement, waste & risk reduction, and operational readiness reinforcement.

Complementary synergies

Benfenati, who is also a certified ISO auditor, has confirmed ample synergies in using PRESTO's capability to assist in the ISO certification process. Starting next month he be partnering with our Product Team in the development of our new ISO-related functionality and reporting module which will be available shortly to all PRESTO users.

Under this new collaboration, PRESTO, originally created by a group of Italian financial professionals who were looking to apply 'Lean Six Sigma/ Kaizen' principles to business transformation initiatives within a large multinational bank, will begin to widen its market share by developing operational excellence functionality aimed at servicing the manufacturing, production, and health care sectors. Benfenati, a specialist in manufacturing has already begun conducting a series of workshops with Newconsulting clients to explore additional product development initiatives that will give PRESTO's interface increased flexibility in business management.

Partnering with Benfenati will be Luca Brighenti, Sales Partner at Newconsulting Srl.

This collaboration as well as the decision to invest in product expansion is the result of an extensive market research exercise which indicated a strong need in the Italian market for operational excellence-related solutions. Actively leading in the formalization of the arrangement was our CEO Andrew Lenti together with Product Specialist Vanni Fiorentini and supported by our Risk & Legal advisor Alessandro Ferrari, and TOPP TI Chief Administrator Martin Higgs.

    Andrea Benfenati

    Newconsulting Srl