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TOPP TI celebrates 1-year of success in the UAE bringing change to innovation-oriented businesses

Published on 25 April 2019

Since April 2018 The M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group of Dubai has been collaborating with TOPP Tactical Intelligence of London in the implementation of a unique business management solution aimed at making innovation and continuous improvement the top priority of each and every employee.

TOPP Tactical Intelligence, producers of PRESTO Digital Enterprise, a performance governance solution offering a fresh perspective on operational discipline to many aspects of business management that are often missed using traditional approaches, accepted the challenge proposed by MAHY Khoory to incorporate their action plan management logic for operational issues into PRESTO’s idea hypothesis and cultivation management module.

The collaboration, facilitated by Dubai-based Gazelles Management Consulting, commenced at the recycled paper manufacturing plant Al Dhafra Paper manufacturing company in Abu Dhabi and, after a successful launch in only 60 days, the installation soon expanded to the Dubai-based sister plant Union Paper Mills. Over the course of the installation, additional synergies were identified which led to the incorporation of additional PRESTO functions including skills and talent management as well as KPI performance governance allowing for a wide series of value-add enhancements to be made to MAHY Khoory’s digital transformation program.

The senior management team enjoyed immediate and simultaneous top-down visibility into both plants while the team leaders profited from an enhanced sense of ownership among their staff offered in PRESTO’s easy-to-use role and responsibility RACI matrix.

    TOPP TI in the UAE

    since April 2018

Senior management said ‘we want our staff members to feel responsible and engaged in the work they do and appreciated for their contribution. PRESTO gives us a means to manage our team and their know-how more effectively in moments which require urgency while celebrating success in real time’.

The project team responsible for the multi-site deployment stated ''With PRESTO we became a more flexible organisation offering our staff and their leaders a structured means to capture know-how, share best practices and collaborate to solve daily challenges. Furthermore PRESTO simplified and enriched our daily KPI management process making a usually complicated process very easy'

TOPP TI Managing Director Andrew Lenti while visiting the MAHY Khoory headquarters in Dubai for PRESTO’s inauguration highlighted that the initiative was 'a fantastic journey in learning for him and his team offering deep visibility into a noble and eco-friendly industry that is in constant growth and increasing importance with so many recent UAE green regulations in play aimed at improving the environment and safety of its citizens.'

Since the initial deployment in the two paper mills, the MAHY Khoory Group has continued to train its staff to use PRESTO across their other business lines some of which include sales and customer service divisions, human resources, Finance and Accounting and IT.

'PRESTO is a source of inspiration for our staff and their leaders in the way it puts structure into the roles and responsibilities that are essential to our business. With PRESTO we became a more flexible organisation offering our staff and their leaders a structured means to capture know-how, share best practices and collaborate to solve daily challenges.'

Shabbir Haideri, Group General Manager at the M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group

'PRESTO has helped us strengthen our cross-departmental communication channel to identify and cultivate process improvement opportunities more effectively. PRESTO helps us to collaborate internally so that we can bring our skills and experience to bear on more projects and business improvement opportunities to deliver a better outcome for our clients.'

Anil Budhraja, General Manager and Head of Operations for Paper Mills

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