Bringing TOPP TI to Asia Pacific

Off-the-shelf products to minimise development time and effort

Posted on 25 October 2017

We are pleased to announce our most recent partnership with Hong Kong-based Fusion Consulting Services Ltd..

Incorporated in 1997, Fusion Consulting Services offers high quality integrated and effective IT solutions and services to business enterprises predominately in Hong Kong but has recently begun spreading across mainland China.

Promoting off-the-shelf solutions to their clients to minimise development time and effort, it is not a surprise that Fusion CEO Tony Lau contacted us several months ago requesting the possibility to sponsor TOPP TI in Hong Kong by acting as our lead spokesman to bring PRESTO, our continuous improvement business performance enhancement solution to the Hong Kong market.

Lau, like the majority of our management team, prior to becoming the founder and CEO at Fusion spent many years working as an internal consultant within large multinational organisations maturing his experiences in areas of change management and process optimization while leveraging technology.

With a team of 8 business consultants full-time, Fusion Consulting offers end-to-end consultation services in particularly to organisations looking to embrace digital transformation initiatives. By adopting a more serious, long term-oriented approach in sharing market information, providing and deploying custom solutions, supplying consultation manpower, and ensuring that an adequate knowledge transfer takes place during the change management phase, Fusion Consulting has a proven track record of offering its clients increased confidence, flexibility, and resiliency together with successful results.

Servicing a vast variety of industries with a wide client base, Fusion partners with governmental and health care clients, banking, finance, insurance, telecom, transportation, retail, and the construction sector.

We are excited to be selected as Fusion’s newest product partner together with Embarcadero, IBM, and Micro Focus and look forward to getting to know Tony and the rest of his team.

This partnership marks our second partnership made this year in the APAC region after last month's announcement of our collaboration with Australia-based Fillthegap Consulting (read more about our partnership with Fillthegap Consulting)