In preparation for our 2017 first quarter client onboarding initiatives which forecast several multinational organisations who are looking for TOPP TI support to help optimise business process management in their shared service centres of excellences, we are pleased to announce our agreement with our new long-term business partner Cerulean Infotech. The decision was made unanimously by the TOPP TI Board of Directors with the specific intentions to make additional investments in data security and allow the Italian product development team to migrate their activities to a common development platform which will be managed by the data modelling, server side programmers of Cerulean based in Bangalore, India.

Establishing such a work model will also give location agnostic flexibility allowing the product development teams on both continents to work in a collaborative, simultaneous manner, at their own pace and offering a more Agile, just-in-time product development strategy. For the TOPP TI Product Team, this strategy will be especially beneficial during client onboarding activities where the ability to provide customised requirements in rapid turn-around times is essential in winning the confidence of new clients.

The selection process was conducted by our Managing Director Andrew Lenti and included interviews with 9 different IT service providers across Italy, Pakistan, India, Estonia, and the US of which all companies offered competitive bids on the contract. In the end, Binoy Mohan from Cerulean helped put to rest our worries ensuring that the IT service provider change during in-flight client migrations could be managed without impacting TOPP clients who are already using TOPP TI products and services. Mohan offered the immediate assistance of his team for brainstorming and product development planning activities and to date has been overly successful in the product migration and SWOT analysis exercises necessary for closing knowledge gaps between the old and new service providers.

    Binoy Mohan

    CRM Cerulean Infotech

What Cerulean Infotech brings to TOPP TI

Founded in 2000, Cerulean Infotech combines its proven business and domain expertise with technology and operational skills to transform client business across the world. Based out of Bangalore, India and using an offshore delivery model, Cerulean Infotech creates insightful, cost effective solutions that have been bought by Fortune 50 Companies, start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises. Cerulean Infotech is an ISO 9001:2008 company and was co-founded by a team of professionals with more than 40 years of combined work experience with Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Hewlett Packard and Timex.

Some clients currently being serviced by Cerulean include: Sun Microsystems, Citibank, Honeywell and Cisco.

Cerulean Infotech is highly process driven, and insists on complete adherence to established processes and methodologies that are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Rigorous supervision and a career path that rewards process orientation ensure a well-drilled development team.

Cerulean Infotech is one of the few Indian IT Services companies that have more than 95% of its revenue from original Application Development and product lifecycle maintenance. This aspect of Cerulean was particularly interesting during the negotiation as one of TOPP TI's first business objectives for 2016/2017 is to successfully bring the cloud-based operational excellence business management software P.R.E.S.T.O. to the global software market.

In particularly, Mohan and his team will add extra value to the TOPP TI product development process in establishing the server-side framework necessary for servicing TOPP's clients using cloud-based, multi-client solutions who require 'white label' products and prefer to not identify their collaboration with TOPP TI while engaging their clients.