Quality management, and continuous improvement

New product launch to close 2017

As anticipated earlier this year, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest cloud-based solution for auditors and quality control professionals looking to incorporate risk and waste management in the end-to-end audit management process.

Complete with project management functionality in an easy-to-use Kanban format interface, we have neatly integrated the entire audit management workflow into an operational excellence, continuous improvement performance enhancement solution allowing for an all-in-one business management tool for consultants charged with performing audits on business processes while assisting in the carrying out and monitoring of the necessary corrective actions in cases of non-conformity.

Ensuring our solution followed the standard protocol in accordance to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001 standards, the initial architecture of the solution was a joint collaboration effort between our product team together with several ISO Auditor & quality assurance business consultants spanning across Europe as well as Australia.

Offering a smart workflow through an interactive process for top-down planning & approval and bottom-up verification & control, our solution offers a robust template management archive to allow for your audit team to standardise the audit process at the company level while offering flexibility in customisation at the team level. Calendar management complete with reminders of due dates and deadlines integrated in its operational excellence consolidated dashboard will ensure the discipline needed in the pre-audit, preparatory phase. Audit checklists and non-conformance reporting are easily created, elaborated, archived, retrieved and exported to allow your entire organisation the 360° visibility required to be proactive in resolving observations which could lead to instances of non-conformity. Also integrated into the functionality suite is a ‘Trello-style’ task management interface allowing corrective actions and improvement initiatives identified in the non-conformity process to be captured, assigned to owners, and tracked until resolution giving both the auditors and their clients better visibility into areas of risk requiring mitigation.

What distinguishes our solution from the typical audit management products in the market is its unique ability to align audit objectives to individual processes thus integrating continuous improvement functionality built on the core principles of Lean Six Sigma. In doing so, our solution offers its users complete one-stop operational excellence functionality to ensure that opportunities to reduce risk and operational wastes identified during the course of the audits become integrated into the growth plan at the employee level. Such functionality allows us to promote our product as not only a process management tool but also a talent and performance enhancement solution allowing Human Resources and Learning development better visibility into the impacts that scheduled audits have on business operations.


We are looking for auditors and quality assurance managers who would like to assist us in bringing this product to market by testing its functionality in a live environment. In doing so, a special one-time-offer of perpetual product licenses will be given to those who can assist in in such a collaboration. If interested, please contact us at info@toppti.com or visit our website at toppti.com.