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Posted on 31 October 2017

For those of you following us last summer as we toured Italy in the Octobus Roadshow, you will be pleased to hear that we have officially signed a long-term collaboration agreement with AC Production, an IT consulting firm of Volta Mantovana (North Italy) and key contributor to the Foedus's Octobus Network, a group of ERP consultants who leverage complementary products and share best practices amongst their network.

AC Production, founded in 2003 by CEO Andrea Chiarini specialises in continuous process improvement and IT operational management in the pharmaceutical sector. Being extremely 'Lean-oriented', and having seen one of our presentations of PRESTO, our Lean Six Sigma business performance enhancement solution during our participation in the Octobus Roadshow, Chiarini contacted our Italian partner Andrea Benfenati of Parma-based Newconsulting to begin speaking about how AC Production's clients can leverage our operational excellence solutions to put continuous improvement at the core of their digital transformation strategy.

After a series of product demos and meetings, it was clear that our value proposition and Chiarini's keen interest and expertise in areas of Lean Six Sigma & Kanban change management offers a great deal of synergies to collaborate and widen AC Production's service offering.

AC Production, having a wide client base predominately in the pharmaceutical sector, offers a wide variety of IT consultancy and hands-on operational support in areas of IT as a service, continuous improvement, digital project implementations, change management, and operational excellence.