Recover. Recycle. Recreate
Long-term deal signed with one of the UAE's oldest corporate companies

Published on 20 May 2018

Recover, recycle, recreate. This is the slogan of our newest GCC-based client Union Paper Mills (UPM), one of the middle east’s pioneers in bringing the recycling industry to the region establishing itself in Dubai in 1987. With a wide variety of packaging products manufactured out of 100% recycled waste paper using advanced technologies which adhere to strict environmental regulations, UPM converts waste into productive use. Committed towards reducing carbon foot prints in the region and thus contributing to mitigating the risk of global warming, UPM is a true global player promoting safety in manufacturing business practices which align to the UAE’s vision to lead as an environmental friendly and sustainable country.

We are delighted to bring UPM on-board as our first client in the middle east and also as our first software license agreement exceeding a 500 user base allowing our Product and CRM team to focus on Sustainability through the experience coming with the high volumes of daily client demand of the UPM workforce. Also part of the agreement includes Abu Dhabi-based Al Dhafra Paper Manufacturing Company, both companies belonging to the M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group, a conglomerate of over 2.000 people across the middle east and recognised as a leading name not only in recycled paper manufacturing but also water pumping solutions, electrical solutions, hospitality, and logistics.

The 5-year deal recently signed began with a project late last year in which we were approached by Dubai-based Gazelles Management Consulting, a consulting firm specialised in operational excellence and Lean management training. Seeking digital solutions to manage skills, training, performance and strategy deployment at UPM, in collaboration with Gazelles we began the initiative by customising our change management & performance enhancement solution PRESTO Digital Transformation to allow for the UPM operations team to integrate their pro active operational management strategy into an enriched work flow allowing for their digital footprint to be captured and managed more efficiently.

PRESTO, originally launched in a multinational financial services organisation in Italy in collaboration with Human Resources, L&D and Business Operations, was first used to measure process cycle times, process wastes and manage the competency levels of the subject matter experts tasked with ensuring quality end-to-end operational service. Using its Lean Six Sigma logic and sense of urgency algorithm, PRESTO has since found opportunities to be deployed in multiple sectors including manufacturing and in companies of various sizes. The UPM Management Team found PRESTO particularly attractive as a solution to begin to bring the Lean culture into their organisation which is already well on their way in the maturity process.

    Since 1987

After a series of brainstorming sessions leading to product customisations first with Gazelles and then UPM, the synergies between the three companies began to show significant potential most recently when our Managing Director visited the UPM team in Dubai meeting first with IT, secondly with the head of business operations together with his team of future PRESTO users and finally with the Managing Director of M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group himself to ultimately agree and sign the 5-year software service agreement.

We are delighted to be in collaboration with our newest client M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group and business partner Gazelles Management Consulting and look forward to exploring the many new opportunities that the region has to offer due to its strong work ethic, culture and it willingness to let innovation take its natural course.