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Approach Industry 4.0 by putting your know-how first

Published on 15 September 2019

It is easy to get lost in the buzz words which orbit around the manufacturing industry regarding the new technology which continues to flood the market. Such rapid change is putting factory owners in a difficult position when planning for the long term by posing a new series of risks regarding investments in product, production, logistics, & the people which support them.

Since 2017, we have been collaborating with the School of Architecture & Engineering of Fribourg in a joint venture.

OUR OBJECTIVE: to give manufacturers visibility into the many Industry 4.0 opportunities available and the confidence they need to act.

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Industry 4.0

Celebrating 1 year of bringing innovation to the UAE

a look back on 1-year of client onboarding experiences in the Middle East

Published on 25 April 2019 by Andrew Lenti, Managing Director


A little over a year ago, we learnt that no deal of relevant significance will ever be concluded virtually and that the handshake is still one of the key building blocks to the foundation necessary in forging a long term business relationship of trust, value and mutual satisfaction. This is especially true in the Middle Eastern culture where traditions passed from prior generations when doing business are still very much alive.

In April of 2018 we were invited by the Dubai-based Management Team of the M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group, pioneers in green energy, paper recycling and water pump technology across the United Arab Emirates to spend a week on site meeting the team to brainstorm, get to know each other, and finalise our long-term service model together with the architects of the deal, our trusted UAE product ambassador Gazelles Management Consulting.

Looking back one year later at the results, the relationships built and the never-ending creativity of a dynamic project team bringing to market a one-of-a-kind continuous improvement business solution across multiple cities and business lines still doesnt cease to amaze us.

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Swiss-based Digital Transformation companion

to partner with TOPP TI

We are delighted to welcome to our Kaizen Alliance the Swiss team at Controlling Hub, risk excellence Digital Transformation specialists

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Whether your’e a family or a business, disposing waste in the right way is crucial for the community and the environment. The UAE has the highest waste per capita in the world.

Introducing Union Paper Mills, our newest Dubai-based client who takes the responsibility to mitigate this issue seriously and is dedicated full time in ensuring a safe and healthy environment across the Middle East.

UPM provides end-to-end solutions to manage this waste through a unique combination of integrated environmental solutions, all designed to make your life simple. These solutions together with thorough recycling are best suited for SMEs as well as large corporations.

After almost six months of brainstorming on Digital Transformation topics finishing in a recent visit to Dubai, we are delighted to announce our long-term partnership with this exceptional pioneer to recycling and environmental sostainability.

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Quality before quantity; ERP, CRM and Digital Transformation

..TOPP TI to service FSS Global

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PRESTO has arrived in the classroom

..and with the great delight of the students

Read about how business leaders of Tunisia are partnering with the Mediterranean School of Business to learn about trends in technology, leadership, and PRESTO Digital Transformation

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Your change management team, equipped to focused on results

An afternoon at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)

Published on 9 April 2018


In our most recent alliance with Swiss-based managerial consulting firm value4b, we had the pleasure to spend an afternoon at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), one of the nine professional universities recognised by the Swiss Confederation. Our partner and value4b owner Maurilio Savoldi was the architect of the event responsible for what turned out to be a large audience of business leaders and technology gurus who attended with great enthusiasm and curiosity with the hopes to learn about new trends in the technology available to support digital transformation, continuous improvement and change management.

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Continuous improvement: Challenging the status quo

Our Managing Director's interview at InTouch Networks - UK's leading consulting network

Published on 12 February 2018


Recently, our CEO was chosen by the team at InTouch Networks to help bring awareness to the business consulting community about what challenges one will face when pursuing a career in continuous improvement consultancy, stepping out of your comfort zone, and how technology is rapidly raising the bar for organisations worldwide who seek continuous improvement discipline.

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Audit, quality management, and continuous improvement

New product launch to close 2017

Published on 28 December 2017


As anticipated earlier this year, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest cloud-based solution for auditors and quality control professionals looking to incorporate risk and waste management in the end-to-end audit management process.

Complete with project management functionality in an easy-to-use Kanban format interface, we have neatly integrated the entire audit management workflow into an operational excellence, continuous improvement performance enhancement solution allowing for an all-in-one business management tool for consultants charged with performing audits on business processes while assisting in the carrying out and monitoring of the necessary corrective actions in cases of non-conformity.

Ensuring our solution followed the standard protocol in accordance to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001 standards, the initial architecture of the solution was a joint collaboration effort between our product team together with several ISO Auditor & quality assurance business consultants spanning across Europe as well as Australia.

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Ring in the new year with $10,000

(for a mere 15 minutes of effort)

Help your colleagues & friends remove spreadsheets (and all the stress that comes with them)from their performance management strategy once and for all!

Do you know someone who is having difficulty managing continuous improvement, performance, operational excellence or change management due to excessive use of spreadsheets? Are they spending enourmous amounts of time on non-value-add administrative tasks and not enough time in problem solving and decision-making forums?

We are delighted to announce our latest promotion offering a $10,000 cash premium paid directly into your bank account for the successful referral of PRESTO Continuous Improvement to a friend or colleague.

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Intelligent Transport, Smart Cities & performance management

3-way collaboration forged in the UK

Published on 27 October 2017


With the end of the year approaching, effective immediately we are pleased to announce a UK-based 3-way collaboration bringing TOPP TI into the Intelligent Transport & Smart Cities sector.

Joining the TOPP TI 'Kaizen Alliance', we welcome Leadership Champions Ltd. together with JLA Consulting International both of London and specialising in solving complex business problems via operational excellence-focused initiative management.

Being ‘Lean-oriented’ and with deep domain knowledge in Intelligent Transport (rail, highways, airports), Standby Power & Smart Cities, we were delighted when Chris Williams-Lilley, Managing Director of Leadership Champions Ltd. approached us together with JLA President & CEO David Terry looking for an IT partner to support their vast array of UK-based clients.

Both having been consultants in the British transport industry for many years, after several brainstorm sessions, product reviews, and analysis of market best practices, the decision was unanimous on all sides that there is a great opportunity to bring performance management automation into an industry which is still heavily dependent on manual, offline information management. In particularly, both consulting firms were keen on brining our KPI waste management tool to their clients. (learn more about our KPI management solution)

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360° digital transformation support

AC Production: Business, tech & design for innovative and one-of-a-kind solutions

Published on 31 October 2017

AC Production

For those of you following us last summer as we toured Italy in the Octobus Roadshow, you will be pleased to hear that we have officially signed a long-term collaboration agreement with AC Production, an IT consulting firm of Volta Mantovana (North Italy) and key contributor to the Foedus's Octobus Network, a group of ERP consultants who leverage complementary products and share best practices amongst their network.

AC Production, founded in 2003 by CEO Andrea Chiarini specialises in continuous process improvement and IT operational management in the pharmaceutical sector. Being extremely 'Lean-oriented', and having seen one of our presentations of PRESTO, our Lean Six Sigma business performance enhancement solution during our participation in the Octobus Roadshow, Chiarini contacted our Italian partner Andrea Benfenati of Parma-based Newconsulting to begin speaking about how AC Production's clients can leverage our operational excellence solutions to put continuous improvement at the core of their digital transformation strategy.

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All the strategic information you need in a single platform

Integrating all dimensions of corporate management through collaboration

Published on 29 October 2017

After several months of discussion with Fernando Bandeira, CEO of Brazilian IT integration consulting firm Way/Amadeus, we are delighted to announce a Brazil-exclusive partnership bringing our value proposition to the Latin American market.

Collaborative governance, operational excellence, performance, and business process optimisation are just a few of Way/Amadeus’s services which have been successfully delivered throughout the Brazilian IT market since the company was founded in 1987. Services of such complement our product offering convincing both companies that a trans-Atlantic collaboration offers win-win synergies.

Being specialized in applying management methodologies and IT systems focusing on the integration of all business verticals, similar to us, Way/Amadeus supplies integrated reporting and dashboard functionalities to centralise information receipt while encompassing all relevant information of the company and its macro environment, transforming data into knowledge for strategic decision making and implementations with a solid base and efficiency.

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TOPP TI to partner with Fusion Consulting Services Ltd of Hong Kong

Off-the-shelf products to minimise development time and effort

Published on 25 October 2017

We are pleased to announce our most recent partnership with Hong Kong-based Fusion Consulting Services Ltd..

Incorporated in 1997, Fusion Consulting Services offers high quality integrated and effective IT solutions and services to business enterprises predominately in Hong Kong but has recently begun spreading across mainland China.

Promoting off-the-shelf solutions to their clients to minimise development time and effort, it is not a surprise that Fusion CEO Tony Lau contacted us several months ago requesting the possibility to sponsor TOPP TI in Hong Kong by acting as our lead spokesman to bring PRESTO, our continuous improvement business performance enhancement solution to the Hong Kong market.

Lau, like the majority of our management team, prior to becoming the founder and CEO at Fusion spent many years working as an internal consultant within large multinational organisations maturing his experiences in areas of change management and process optimization while leveraging technology.

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Lean 6-Sigma & operational risk management - the CVA Way

Published on 10 July 2017


We are pleased to announce our most recent collaboration with Frankfurt-based, financial services consulting firm CVA Services GmbH.

Who are CVA Services? CVA Services is an IT solution consulting firm with a speciality in risk management & quantitative analytics supporting financial services industry. Their service offering include assisting clients in the software selection process by partnering with their client’s business experts during the target state design phase to allow for a thorough gap analysis exercise to be performed and communicated to the decision committee. Their client base includes banks and Fin Techs alike.

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The OCTOBUS Roadshow begins and we are part of it

Published on 19 May 2017

OCTOBUS much more than an ERP

As one of our first key deals made in collaboration with our Italian product distributor and Operational Excellence business consultant Newconsulting Srl, we are now proud participants of the already underway 2017 Octobus Roadshow which we will join as of next Tuesday 23 May in Rome at the IBM Briefing Centre.

What is the Octobus Roadshow? The OCTOBUS road show is an ongoing technology fair taking place this summer in Italy consisting of a series of awareness events where users of the Enterprise Resource Management platform OCTOBUS will come together to share best practices and present not only to their peer group but also to the public who is invited to attend and will be looking to evaluate the many business solutions offered by the OCTOBUS Network.

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TOPP TI to partner with Six Sigma Management Institute

Published on 30 March 2017


We are proud to announce our newest partnership with the London-based, European Division of the Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI).

The SSMI was originally founded in 1994 by the principle architect of Six Sigma Dr. Mikel J. Harry and is world renown for its Lean Six Sigma training programs offered to organisations of all sizes.

The negotiation which began several months ago was concluded this March in London by our CFO Martin Higgs who met personally with SSMI – Europe’s President & Executive Director Fabrizio Majorana. On site at SSMI, Higgs presented the TOPP TI value proposition highlighting our dedication to quality business automated solutions supported by our team’s rich experiences as business consultants across multiple sectors.......

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TOPP TI to sponsor OPEX summit this April

Published on 20 March 2017

Global Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence Summit

We are pleased to announce that in collaboration with Platinum Edge will be sponsoring this year's Global Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence Summit being held on the 27th & 28th of April in Düsseldorf.

Acting together with another technology vendor, we will be sponsoring the 2-day event which is expected to include 65 delegate participants from multinational organisations in varied sectors, a media partner, as well as 13 guest speakers covering a wide variety of topics.

Amongst the speakers we will be offering a presentation together with a TOPP client followed by a question & answer session. Our discussion will be three-segmented focusing on 1. challenges faced when implementing disruptive automation in business operations within large organisations 2. the importance of maintaining a culture of trust during periods of change and 3. trends in performance optimisation management & the technology available in the market.

The summit will be geared to business leaders responsible for digital business transformation and operational excellence. The guest list includes experts in areas of change management, Lean, process excellence, continuous improvement, talent & culture and performance offering ample opportunity to network and brainstorm with professionals having complementary skills sets.

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MBA students wanted for internships

Published on 8 March 2017

Leveraging talent thru win-win synergies in your local universities

We are pleased to announce the completion of the first of several ERASMUS exchange programs which will be aimed at engaging European resources available in the academic world who are looking to gain ‘on-the-job’ business experience in exchange for credit at their university towards their degree.

As a start-up we know the importance of staying current in innovation and creative market trends and understand that a great wealth of resources can be accessed via the rich network of people and business resources offered throughout the European academic community.

Our debut collaboration started last November with the International Hellenic University, famous for being the first Greek public university where all programmes are taught exclusively in English. Dimitrios Dellios, master student from the IHU School of Economics, Business Administration & Legal Studies partnered with us for four months giving us his full time support and access to the many business resources available through the university.

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Meet our new partner in Italy

Published on 5 March 2017


TOPP TI welcomes Newconsulting Srls

We are pleased to announce our newest business collaboration in Italy with Parma-based operational excellence consulting firm Newconsulting Srls which is also partner of The Octobus Network, a community of ERP software users who routinely share industry best practices to optimise the internal synergies available through the best-of-breed tool sets routinely used throughout their community.

Under the agreement, Andrea Benfenati, Managing Director of Newconsulting Srls will take the lead in bringing PRESTO, our continuous improvement business solution to Italian clients who seek operational excellence automation in areas of performance enhancement, waste & risk reduction, and operational readiness reinforcement.  

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Spreadsheets & e-mail are a thing of the past

Published on 31 December 2016


Manage business process operational excellence the P.R.E.S.T.O. way

In collaboration with our new business partner Cerulean Infotech, we are pleased to announce the release of P.R.E.S.T.O., the cloud-based operational excellence business management enterprise solution offering functionality and discipline in the end-to-end management of continuous improvement activity regarding business process optimisation. For a mere 4 hours of monthly dedication, the solution offers a wide array of benefits offered to the organisational support strategy of IT, Human Resources, Risk & Compliance and Business Operations, through its business algorithm which installs a sense of ownership, sense of urgency, and a sense of purpose at all levels of the organisation ensuring that opportunities from best practice awareness and cross-departmental collaboration are made top priority.

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Imagine & Implement, TOPP Style

Posted on 10 November 2016


A new beginning to prepare for a busy 2017

In preparation for our 2017 first quarter client on boarding initiatives which forecast several multinational organisations who are looking for TOPP TI support to help optimise business process management in their shared service centres of excellences, we are pleased to announce our agreement with our new long-term business partner Cerulean Infotech. The decision was made unanimously by the TOPP TI Board of Directors with the specific intentions to make additional investments in data security and allow the Italian product development team to migrate their activities to a common development platform which will be managed by the data modeling, server side programmers of Cerulean based in Bangalore, India.

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Posted on 28 September 2016


Changing Headquarters - Our UK debut

We are pleased to announce the opening of London-based TOPP TI Ltd which took place on 23 June 2016 (yes, the day of the famous Brexit).

The decision was made unanimously after quite a bit of discussions held amongst the Board of Directors supported by a wealth of market analysis performed all of which pointed to the need to have a more globally-centric TOPP legal entity available to service clients based in non-European geographies.

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A TOPP collaboration

Posted on 23 June 2016


We have joined forces with ViC Advisory

Recently, ViC Advisory Management Consulting has partnered with TOPP TI by offering Lean Six-Sigma consultation expertise gained in the field in exchange for automated solution support for ViC clients

Like us, ViC Advisory is an Italian-based operational excellence-oriented management consulting firm dedicated to widening European awareness of the various methodologies of Lean Six Sigma available when instilling a long term continuous improvement culture within business organisations. Recently, ViC Advisory has been presented in radio interviews as well as in Italian newspapers highlighting how the ViC Advisory value proposition is an innovational way forward in managing today's competitive markets...

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Looking east

Posted on 18 June 2016


Opportunities in Poland

After a long winter doing market research & analysis, growing our network and sending Stefan, Martin and Andrew on multiple occasions to perform interviews and explore some interesting client-lead opportunities in Warsaw, we have decided to take the next step and begin establishing an on-the-ground presence in Poland to offer our products and services to organisations looking to restructure and optimise their Business Process Outsourcing-based operating models.

Tapping into our network we found Bartek Kubicki, a Warsaw resident since 2014 and a well-known sell-side analysts dealing with capital markets servicing both domestic and international institutional clients.

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