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Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri)

Find your true north with us

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our Hoshin planning strategic business management solution complete with a wide set of KPI management reports and the dashboards you need to accelerate both tactical and strategic decision making. Cascade your corporate strategy to allow for your high level goals to become measurable business objectives at the junior levels and give meaning to your KPIs so that no-one in your company lacks sense of purpose. Recommended to Anyone responsible in the identification, articulation and implementation of the long and short term organisational goals. In other words, everyone! Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Change Management

Chanage management is not about Gantt charts, it is about managing change

During the course of its voyage, your project will encounter unexpected pitfalls, misfortunes, and various types of roadblocks which if not managed correctly, will impact the outcome of the project. Capture your project charter digitally, install cross-departmental collaboration in task management & communicate effectively while transforming your leaders into an elite team of business change agents using a wide set of fun and easy-to-use, non-confrontational, streamlined project management reporting. Recommended to Anyone responsible in the implementation of change within your organisation. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.


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Capture, cultivate, and ACT on the ideas provided to you from those who know your business best; YOUR STAFF. Innovate from the bottom up by connecting your subect matter experts to your decision makers more effectively while offering a cross-departmental, best practice sharing, idea cultivation platform to ensure that your high-performers proactively find you when you need them most. Utilise our top-down dashboard and garden of business improvement ideas to stimulate online brainstorming sessions and revisit with greater frequency the ideas that await cultivation to bring you to your next innovative adventure. Recommended to all operations personnel including your COO and his entire management team. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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KPI optimisation

Manage your KPIs like you never have before. Identify KPIs and effectively and efficiently calibrate their change thresholds to ensure maximum, real-time transparency into your organisation's performance. Install alert notification to trigger at specified deviation levels to inform and engage key parties in a timely manner. This solution offers a fresh methodology in KPI management due to its ability to allow users to identify and map processes to each KPI while offering management a wide variety of filters to quickly access process waste reduction opportunities which pose significant impact on KPI behavior. Recommended to all operations personnel including your COO and his entire management team. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Data management quality assurance (GDPR)

All your data security know-how, all in one place

Transform GDPR from an administrative burden to a competitive advantage. In a world where data is a comodity, why not have it all in one place and secure? Our solution offers an all-in-one GDPR quality assurance implementation so that GDPR is integrated into your company's DNA. Your team will be up and running in 30 minutes or less! Articulate GDPR business-as-usual discipline at the team level and roll it all up to get a real time 360° company view. Use a rich set of out-of-the-box reports created together with a team of Swiss French engineers to comunicate to your customers what is being done to ensure that their data is safe. Pre-loaded with a rich databank of EU-certified methodologies, self-assessments, and business practices to ensure a quick, company-wide installation of GDPR awareness. Recommended to any organisation serious about managing the integrity of their customers and suppliers data. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Maintain and improve the integrity of production

Total productive maintenance (TPM) is a system of maintaining and improving the tool sets which are used to carry out work in the day-to-day enviroment. Whether in manufacturing or the services industry, our solution offers your management team rich visibility into the skill sets across your subject matter experts and the knowledge gaps which cause risk to production. By using the Lean Skills Matrix, for manufacturing this module offers the complete library of autonomous maintenance skills required to keep the shop floor clean and in order. For business services, this module offers the entire set of Lean Six Sigma belt certification criteria allowing you to quickly assess the landscape of Lean Six Sigma skills available and make accelerated decisions regarding investing in additional training. Recommended to Organisations looking to up their Lean skills in business operations. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Issue Management

Issue management at 360°

Architect and follow your issue management workflow in 5 easy steps; 1. Capture issues found in your day-to-day business 2. Approve and open issue tickets 3. Resolve issues 4. Close issue tickets 5. Capture lessons learnt and celebrate success. Built hand-in-hand with one of our clients, this solution will bring structure in your issue management workflow to ensure maximum sense of urgency in the issue resolution process. Engage your senior management team by giving them quick access to all outstanding shop floor issues via our super user friendly real-time newsfeed. Recommended to organisations looking to install structure and sense of urgency discipline in issue resolution. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Risk & Control Self Assessment (RCSA) for business operations

This solution was originally built by a group of Italian business professionals working in a multinational financial institution offering depository banking services to private and institutional clients. The architects were charged with assembling a SWOT team to provide an urgently requested remediation plan to put at ease a weary client who had recently experienced a large financial loss due to a set of weak operational controls. The solution will offer your organisation the flexibility to split risks into three multi-tiered categories (great for Basel II) and furthermore align each risk to your business processes. Using an RCSA (risk and control self assessment) logic, your subject matter experts will then have the opportunity to identify and assess the controls in place to mitigate each risk while using historical data of risk event occurrences to measure the probability and gravity of potential dangers. Finally, using our EASI opportunity whiteboard, your users will identify which opportunities exist to ELIMINATE, AUTOMATE, STANDARDISE, or IMPROVE existing controls while assessing the benefits which each opportunity brings the organisation. In addition to the above functionality, we have also included a supply and demand risk heatmap calendar to allow your users to identify demand patterns based on historical data and required deadlines at the process level to allow for reminder-alert notifications to be sent to selected parties. In doing so, your team will benefit by becoming more pro active in periods prone to pitfalls due to high workload demand. Recommended to ISO auditors, operations risk managers, and operational personnel responsible for implementing the corporate risk strategy in their day-to-day operations. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Value stream mapping and process optimisation

Whether your business is overseeing a financial transaction trade settlements team in a nearshore / offshore centre of excellence or measuring the process cycle times of orders in your sales pipeline, this solution will show you how to use automation together with 'Lean' principles to identify and build your business value chain, map critical-touch points, assess costs and benefits of continuous improvement business opportunities, and identify and communicate business wastes from inefficient hand offs found within to accelerate tactical waste reduction decision making. First created in Italy in a multinational financial institution, this solution will offer your operations teams an average ongoing annual savings of 25%. Recommended to all operations personnel, problem solvers, consultants and anyone who is responsible to install a continuous improvement culture in business operations via sense of accountability. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Performance management (IN REAL TIME!)

That's right, the Lean Six Sigma skills matrix is now available as a software!

Do away with the less-than-effective annual employee performance valuation and install a culture of performance based on the observations and real-time feedback of your team. Be more precise with objectives and use complementary skill sets to close knowledge gaps, promote internal collaboration and become more resilient to change. All of this with our quick & easy-to-use, Lean Six Sigma, cloud-based enterprise solution. Originally tested and approved in collaboration with an HR director of a large financial institution, the solution was labeled an instrument offering ample 'operational playing space' and visibility to business operations support teams and a revolutionised 'way-ahead' into the management of the technical, professional, and leadership growth strategy of the organisation. Recommended to operations personnel looking to collaborate with HR in articulating the organisation's skills growth strategy into measurable business objectives. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Project charter and lessons learnt

During the course of its voyage, your project will encounter unexpected pitfalls, misfortunes, and various types of roadblocks which if not managed correctly, will impact the outcome of your project. Capitalise on opportunities and communicate effectively while transforming your leaders into an elite team of business change agents. Recommended to any leaders tasked with change management activity. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Documentation management & operational readiness

Install a sense of urgency in ongoing housekeeping activity to ensure that the support tools necessary to carry out your day-to-day business processing are maintained sharp and readily available to your staff. Install a sense of ownership to ensure that process owners understand their duty in keeping support documentation up-to-date and that changes in processes are immediately reflected in the procedures and respective support documentation. Go completely digital in cases where paper is no longer necessary and keep your document archive organised and stored on the cloud while ensuring maximum accessibility to your organisation to ensure that time is not lost in documentation retrieval and modification. Recommended to operational personnel who depend on support documentation to carry out day-to-day business. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Skill endorsements and recognition via electronic rewarding

In recent years, 'corporate gamification' has become a popular topic amongst organisations seeking better ways to keep their staff motivated and in tune to the core professional, technical, and leadership skill sets necessary to manage growth and talent retention. We are pleased to offer the market a simple yet effective interface allowing for teams responsible for talent management to better understand what skill sets are required within their company and ultimately communicate and manage the growth of each via a system of electronic badges, rewards and recognition. In doing so, your organisation will begin to build a company-wide data archive of all the skill sets available even as staff continue to relocate amongst the organisation. Through electronic rewards, an atmosphere of 'friendly competition will be created increasing performance amongst your staff. Furthermore, your strategic leaders will enjoy the benefit of keeping the know-how acquired over time in a simple to user, company-wide data bank allowing for accelerated decision making when engaging and relocating staff. Recommended to performance-oriented organisations looking to use transparency as a lever to motivate staff. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Best practice brainstorming

If your team is familiar with social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, then they are already over-qualified for our collaboration module consisting of an integrated corporate news feed which communicates ideas, best practices and celebrates moments of recognition coming from business operations. Use our news feed to ensure that good deeds never go unnoticed. Promote high value interaction between senior and junior level employees while stimulating the curiosity of entire organisation increasing best practice awareness and motivating your 'quiet ones' to have their voices heard more frequently. Use our online suggestion box to allow any employee to quickly voice an opinion, idea, or recommendation to the entire user community while giving your team the possibility to evaluate each idea based on our structured cost-benefits impact analysis. Commenting, liking, sharing, and tagging are all part of the value add available at all levels through our super user friendly and minimal-effort user interface. Recommended to organisations looking to use transparency as a lever to engage their staff more effectively. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Cross-selling opportunity management & special service pricing

Client-centric organisations who put a strong focus on customer satisfaction often find themselves in situations where they are providing excessive value-add services which are not being accounted for properly or recognised by the organisation or the client themselves.

This dilemma can be better managed through our special service management solution which gives your team a structure to better identify and quantify the level of commitment dedicated to each client while measuring activities which could be considered 'extra' or 'nice-to-haves'. In doing so, you will effectively measure the price of doing business with each client as well as identify cross-selling opportunities for value-add services which previously weren't officially identified in your service offering.

Recommended to large functionalised organisations who are responsible in managing many clients simultaneously.

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Roles, responsibilities, and talent differentiator profiling

The management and communication of role profiling (job description) and the necessary skill sets of each is not only the role of your Human Resource business partner but also that of the operations team required to ensure that the candidate selected for the role is equipped with the necessary qualifications. Over time your staff will continue to grow with the roles they have been selected for as well as the role itself. For this we have created an easy-to-use interface allowing for two-way skill communication interaction to be established and readily available between HR and business operations. Roles, responsibilities and talent differentiators will be considered and captured in a more effective manner during the job profiling phase to ensure that job candidates are evaluated in more measurable fashion increasing confidence levels during the candidate selection process. As your company changes, so do the roles within. Our solution will offer your operational leaders an easy means to communicate and update (on a real-time basis) the required skill sets for each of the roles for which they are responsible for creating a more collaborative and effective communication with HR. Recommended to organisations looking to use bridge gaps between business operations and human resources by communicating expectations more effectively. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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IT investment optimisation & cost-benefit management

Identify and evaluate at high confidence levels your portfolio of IT investment opportunities consisting of bugs, enhancements, decommission opportunities and issues caused by faulty wiring. Our solution allows your organisation to maintain all IT supported products in a central data bank giving subject matter experts the opportunity to align their processes with the tool sets required to carry out day-to-day business. In doing so, you will enjoy a long and consolidated list in real-time consisting of the fixes and enhancements together with the costs required and benefits which could be achieved with successful implementation. This interface allows for your IT team to better understand how the portfolio of IT applications supports your operations teams while giving insight into the impacts each application has at the process level. Recommended to organisations looking to be more efficient in their communication between IT & business operations. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Audit & ISO certification support

In response to the needs of our most recent clients, we have expanded our product line to include automated solutions aimed at assisting in the end-to-end administration of company auditing and ISO certification. Although created predominatly by financial service professionals, this product is also extremely useful for small and medium size businesses engaged in manufacturing who would like to ensure a more proactive approach in staying up-to-date with modern business practices and standards. This solution allows your audit team to schedule audits identifying key criterior and controls and track each on a team-by-team basis. Recommended to organisations looking to ensure that they adhere to all key govermental regulations and ISO standards. Click HERE to schedule your online demo.

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Continuous Improvement

In collaboration with our business partner Cerulean Infotech, we are pleased to announce the release of P.R.E.S.T.O., the cloud-based operational excellence business management enterprise solution offering functionality and discipline in the end-to-end management of continuous improvement activity regarding business process optimisation. For a mere 4 hours of monthly dedication, the solution offers a wide array of benefits offered to the organisational support strategy of IT, Human Resources, Risk & Compliance and Business Operations, through its business algorithm which installs a sense of ownership, sense of urgency, and a sense of purpose at all levels of the organisation ensuring that opportunities from best practice awareness and cross-departmental collaboration are made top priority.

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