PRESTO KPI used to digitize performance management and enrich analytics-based decision making at Union Paper Mills of Dubai

August 2018

RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECREATE' - Collection of Waste Paper by Union Paper Mills keeps UAE’s environment neat and clean adding value to waste. Thus, UPM supports a world with an industry wherein paper production is less reliant on virgin fibre and forest products. By the use of the latest tecnology in environmental friendly manufacturing, UPM is known throughout the UAE as a pioneer in recycled waste paper to produce containerboard, benefiting the country in particular and the world at large in terms of reduction in carbon footprints.

From spreadsheets to real-time, cloud-based performance management

Having digital transformation on the top of its agenda and looking for a more effective way to review prior-day shop floor performance statistics and analytics in the daily morning management meeting, UPM chose PRESTO KPI as its KPI management solution to accelerate tactical decision making and remove the risks and administrative burden of the offline solutions (spreadsheets) previously used to manage 80+ daily performance indicators

Core objectives
  • Enhance sense of urgency in the management of underperforming KPIs
  • Increase sense of ownership and sense of purpose at the subject matter level
  • Create a non-confrontational continuous improvement culture where issues, problems, and their related wastes are visible
  • Reduce time dedicated by stakeholders to excessive documentation, paperwork and communication
  • Solve problems at the seed level and attack waste by taking action before the problem becomes chronic
  • Solve problems at the seed level and attack waste by taking action before the problem becomes chronic
  • Automate UPM’s KPI management process to reduce risk and increase operational efficiency
Increased confidence via enhanced analytics
Using linear regression to accelerate decision making

By calculating the slope of the linear trend, KPIs are divided into 2 categories; uptrends and downtrends allowing for UPM team leaders to prioritise their attention and monitor more consistently performance indicators which indicate future poor performance

Real time performance reporting at 360°
Agreeing to perform

In a few short weeks, the entire set of UPM productivity KPIs were entered into PRESTO giving senior management daily top-down visibility into shop floor performance via the PRESTO dashboard and its supporting report sets

Understanding ‘the why’ via root cause analysis
Managing issues and underperformance with the Pareto Chart

With access to underperforming KPIs at their fingertips, the management team began to use PRESTO’s Pareto Chart to drive hypothesis collection sessions accelerating decision making regarding corrective actions and process improvement opportunities

Benefits Summary
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Union Paper Mills of Dubai chooses PRESTO KPI to digitise performance management from TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd