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UAE water pump pioneer M.A.H.Y. Khoory & Co. L.L.C. partners with TOPP TI to bridge the digital gap between HR, Learning & Development and Business Operations

Posted on 21 September, 2018 by Sweta Pandey , Andrew Lenti , and Martin Higgs

    Given Dubai's central location on the world map, M.A.H.Y. KHOORY & CO. played a pioneering role in introducing advanced water pumping technologies in the UAE enabling buildings, factories and other relevant installations to be at par with international standards for water pumping solutions.
Talent and performance management in real time

Installation of collaboration-based performance assessment platform across Business Operations, Finance, Accounting, IT, Sales, and Human Resources allowing Senior Management a more efficient way to promote employee engagement across 8 business units while giving Learning and Development personnel increased visibility into roles, responsibilities and the expectations set amongst their staff.

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Al Dhafra Paper Manufacturing chooses PRESTO Issue Manager to increase shop floor collaboration in chronic issue resolution, KPI digitisation & change management

Posted on 21 September, 2018 by Sweta Pandey , Andrew Lenti , and Martin Higgs

    Al Dhafra Paper Manufacturing Company Ltd. (ADPMCL) of Abu Dhabi is a recent expansion of Dubai-based Union Paper Mills founded in 1987 and known as an industry leader for recycled paper manufacturing throughout the United Arab Emirates
Let's all get inspired, let's take action!

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. So, let’s get together and safeguard our environment. This is the slogan continuously promoted at Al Dhafra Paper Manufacturing Company (ADPMCL) of Abu Dhabi in its daily effort to keep the UAE’s environment neat and clean adding value to waste.

Their products are manufactured out of 100% recycled waste paper using advanced technologies which adhere to strict environmental regulations converting waste into productive use.

Having digital transformation on the top of its agenda and looking to teach Lean methodologies amongst the staff, ADPMCL chose PRESTO Digital Enterprise to manage daily shop floor challenges, reduce operational waste, close knowledge gaps and optimise performance

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PRESTO KPI used to digitize performance management and enrich analytics-based decision making at Union Paper Mills of Dubai

Posted on 21 September, 2018 by Sweta Pandey , Andrew Lenti , and Martin Higgs

    Union Paper Mills, founded in Dubai in 1987 and known as one of the pioneers who introduced recycling industry to the United Arab Emirates.

Collection of Waste Paper by Union Paper Mills keeps UAE’s environment neat and clean adding value to waste. Thus, we support a world with an industry wherein paper production is less reliant on virgin fibre and forest products. Instead, we resort to use of recycled waste paper to produce containerboard benefiting the country in particular and the world at large in terms of reduction in carbon footprints.

Their products are manufactured out of 100% recycled waste paper using advanced technologies which adhere to strict environmental regulations converting waste into productive use.

Having digital transformation on the top of its agenda and looking for a more effective way to review prior-day shop floor performance statistics and analytics in the daily morning management meeting, UPM chose PRESTO KPI as its KPI management solution to accelerate tactical decision making and remove the risks and administrative burden of the offline solutions (spreadsheets) previously used to manage 80+ daily performance indicators

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Beauty & the bank: Lean Six Sigma, Premi Beauty Industries and the digital revolution

How we transformed a process optimisation tool born in the corporate financial services industry into a cost-saving, performance-enhancing, business management solution available to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Posted on 12 February, 2018 by Vivien Charrey & Andrew Lenti

    Premi offers jars and bottles made made of high quality glass or plastic and numerous complementary accessories like caps, pumps, sprays, and more

This summer we are pleased to offer the details of our case study recently published in collaboration with Milan-based, Premi Beauty Industries, a market-leading packaging company in the fragrance, skin care and make-up sector.

Our story begins in early 2016 when Premi CFO & Lean Master Blackbelt Vivien Charrey approached us asking to pilot our Lean Six Sigma - continuous improvement business management software PRESTO. PRESTO, originally created within a multinational financial organisation at the time was being marketed to large banks. The successful implementation of PRESTO at Premi Beauty Industries has since given our product team the assurance we needed to expand our product offering to allow companies of all sizes and from multiple sectors to profit from the PRESTO value proposition.

The 'Premi Pilot' was a fantastic success story presented in Düsseldorf last April at the Global Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit and will be shared again in communities having interest in operational excellence, continuous improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and digital transformation.

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Leveraging talent abroad to grow a small business

Originally published on 19 June 2019 on LinkedIn by Andrew Lenti, Managing Director

A small business's guide to using performance metrics to master the art of outsourcing, remote governance, and agile cross-continental synergy cultivation. Read more


The secret to business process optimisation

Published on 2 April 2019 by Elizabeth Quirk, Content Strategist / Editor at Solutions Review

We were recently featured in 'Solutions Review', US-based tech online forum dedicated to the stories that are unfolding everyday around the latest advancements in enterprise solutions, BI and data analytics, applications and networks, mobility and the cloud. Our interview focused on assessing digital transformation and organisational maturity prior to ensuring product deployment success. Read more


Our joint-interview featured in Bryant University's summer edition of Bryant Magazine on the challenges of equipping new graduates with an Industry 4.0 mindset

Published on 6 June 2018 by Stephen Kostrzewa, writer at Bryant Magazine

Last summer we were invited to participate in a 4-way interview with technology leaders including Todd Gustafson, President of Hewlet Packard Federal LLC regarding the many challenges which the uncertainty of the fourth industrial revolution are creating for preparing future generations to enter the workforce. Our own Managing Director Andrew Lenti participated offering insight into how TOPP TI's approach disrupting the technology market starts first on the many years of industry experience and know-how of our team and second on our creativity and capacity to break free of status-quo thinking when designing business solutions. Read More


Continuous improvement: Challenging the status quo

Our Managing Director's interview at InTouch Networks - UK's leading consulting network

Published on 12 February 2018 by Clare Everett, writer at In Touch Networks

Recently, our CEO was chosen by the team at InTouch Networks to help bring awareness to the business consulting community about what challenges one will face when pursuing a career in continuous improvement consultancy, stepping out of your comfort zone, and how technology is rapidly raising the bar for organisations worldwide who seek continuos improvement discipline. Read More

Value stream mapping, waste reduction & SIPOC automation

Why multinational organisations should be using the SIPOC at all levels of the organisation Read More

Posted on 1 November, 2016 by Andrew Lenti, Managing Director at TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd


How to bridge the gap between Human Resources and Business Operations

Posted on 15 October, 2016 by Andrew Lenti, Managing Director at TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd

Knowledge retention, lessons learned, & automation

A common misconception of operational excellence automation is that the software itself installs a culture of 'Kaizen' continuous improvement and resolves operational issues. Nothing could be more distant from the truth.

Operational excellence software assists in supporting a work culture to be better prepared to take action based on the real-time feedback and the lessons learned which are being lived by your staff in the day-to-day work environment. Given that the concept of operational excellence does not stop at business process management, it is important that your software offers efficiency in the management of the tool sets needed to manage your business processes as well as give visibility into your most valuable company resource; your staff. It is here where your Human Resources department become an essential ingredient for organisations seeking a robust and productive operational excellence culture based on high performance and ongoing continuous improvement. Read More


3 simple reasons to convince your COO to invest in continuous improvement automation

Posted on 4 September, 2016 by Andrew Lenti, Managing Director at TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd

Automated operational excellence to foster loyalty and maximise performance

Continuous improvement is not only about processes but it is also about the people that support those processes, the tools they have at their disposal to do their job, and their understanding about their organisational structure and its strategy. Continuous improvement is about discipline and performance. Industry trends in talent management are showing that it is becoming more and more important to cultivate performance using a feedback-driven culture offering real-time insights into the knowledge gaps which are impeding growth. Software is starting to become an essential element in instilling the core corporate disciplines necessary to guarantee steady growth via pro active and ongoing waste elimination. Read More