About Maurilio

Maurilio is our Italy Area Manager assisting us in client onboarding activity in Italy as well as in Switzerland

From the first day that we met Maurilio, it was quite clear of the rich synergies existing between his experiences in technology, continuous improvement, process optimisation operational excellence consulting and our automation-based products.

Having graduated an Engineer from Turin Polytechnic University and recently having founded value4b, a swiss-based continuous improvement managerial consulting firm, Maurilio is also a partner of Italy-based Relinc Consulting and a well-known instructor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), one of the nine professional universities recognised by the Swiss Confederation. Maurlio, a certified reseller of QPR as well as PMNsoft, two well-known business management solutions used by process optimisation-oriented companies, recently joined our team to partner with us as a reseller of our core product PRESTO Digital Transformation which offer synergies to his other two products.