About Stefan

Having years of experience selling financial products across a wide European client base, Stefan acts as the sales coach for the TOPP Tactical Intelligence Sales Team offering training on sales strategy and presentation as well as leveraging his client base in identifying potential prospects.

Stefan is currently serving as Managing Director with responsibility for the Business Analysis division at financial risk management consultancy CVA Services GmbH. Similarly he is also Regional Manager with focus upon business development activities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe at Quantify Ltd., a specialist provider of integrated Analytics, Trading and Risk Management solutions for the OTC markets.

In addition to his sales related value-add that he brings to the TOPP team, Stefan has contributed significantly in the development and enrichment of the risk management module of PRESTO, TOPP's continuous improvement software aimed at offering its users a structured, discipline-based operational excellence implementation program.

Stefan is one of the original founders of TOPP Tactical Intelligence srls. He is married with a two-year old son. He enjoys skiing, football, motor sports and holidays in Mexico.

Current Responsibilities