About Martin

Martin joined the TOPP team initially to offer experience and mentorship in areas of business development and to allow for the other company officers to have more time to focus on product development. As an experienced consultant in financial services, a successful investor in the financial markets, and having started his own consultancy firm some years back, Martin quickly brought additional value to the TOPP team by playing the role of financial planner and ultimately was appointed the title CFO with the responsibility to build a stable corporate structure, assist in network expansion activities, and allow for an incentive-based reward & recognition program to ensure flexibility in managerial staffing during the early stages of the company's creation.

Being well-known in the industry as an effective communicator at the executive level, specifically in the articulation of subject matter expertise collected during business problem solving exercises, Martin acts as a coach to the younger officers of the company offering a deep set of professional & leadership skills which are critical during the day-to-day interaction activities of the management team.

Martin has worked in the financial markets since 1981 and has a broad and in-depth understanding of both the sell and buy sides having worked for investments banks, broker dealer, custodian and asset managers. He has supported the full range of financial instruments including derivatives, fixed income and equities across the full product life cycle and has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complete processing support model for a wide variety of markets and products.

In his free time Martin enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and has a strong passion for model train engineering.

Current Responsibilities