Your tool sets, identified, assessed & optimised


The voice of Senior Management captured, measured, bench marked and enriched from the bottom-up


Optimisation through the perpetual identification and elimination of inefficient interactions


Your most valuable asset focused on continuous improvement, self-enrichment, and inspired to maximise results for you

'When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills'

-Chinese proverb


TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd (TTI) is a consulting partnership devoted to offering a wide set of cost saving, risk reduction, and talent enrichment services to large multinational organisations via the implementation of customised cloud-based software solutions. Partnering with our consultants, clients will be trained to use TTI software to cascade a vigorous continuous improvement culture to all levels of the organisation. In addition to the ongoing consulting services offered by our business professionals, TTI's web-based products are designed to offer reduced time spent on administration activities while maximising time dedicated to strategic problem solving, talent enrichment, and implementation of the business opportunities identified.

The purpose of the Partnership is twofold: Operational excellence software provider & change management leadership consulting services.

As cross-border commercial organisations face increasing pressure to control spending while simultaneously improving services and aggressively pursuing a variety of strategic initiatives, business executives must find ways to reduce costs while mitigating risk and optimize innovation to keep pace with evolving technology, competition and regulatory changes. TTI management consulting services help organisations address these seemingly contradictory objectives. TTI consultants have rich experiences in management consulting. Our mission is to 'partner' with our clients to support their transformation objectives and build programs in alignment with their organisation's strategic goals.

The Value Proposition

Trust, operational excellence, your brand, and big data

Why you need our software

  • You seek a more efficient means to capture your long-term strategy and cascade it to your staff in short-term, measurable business objectives
  • You seek new and improved ways to reduce & report risk
  • You seek ways to reduce costs without disrupting your work force
  • You seek better ways to manage and streamline KPIs
  • You would like to better manage performance & create a more collaborative relationship with HR
  • You seek better ways to analyse & communicate the costs & benefits regarding investments in IT
  • You would like to manage project objectives more effectively while communicating issues and risk in an un-biased,non-confrontational manner.
  • You would like to reduce spreadsheets and e-mails when managing project
  • You seek more efficient ways to communicate best practices and engage your workforce in problem solving activities
  • You would like better control over your operational readiness support documentation and wish to reduce your paper trail
  • You seek better ways to put a price on the services you offer your clients and would like to be better at identifying cross-selling opportunities
  • You would like your soft and leadership skill development strategy to be more measurable in you operational business objectives
  • You would like to measure performance in real time and install a more feedback-oriented work culture

Our Ideal Client

Our ideal clients utilise Information Technology Enabled Service ITES Operating Models, leveraging economies of scale and geographies to engage in business process, knowledge process, and legal process outsourcing and shared service centres of excellences.

More specifically, TTI will target organizations:

  • With a strong dependency on cross-border daily interactions
  • That are constantly undergoing business transformation and restructuring initiatives
  • That are client-centric and are interested in creating a sense of corporate citizenship amongst their workforce
  • Seeking additional operational transparency to allow for the empowering of their managers to accelerate tactical decision making by engaging the junior layer of the organisation.
  • Looking to install stronger performance measurement methods aimed at inspiring their management team to be more 'continuous-improvement' oriented
  • Who support a constant-feedback based culture to capitalise on lessons learned

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